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About the Board Game Jam

Enjoy an extremely positive and relaxed environment geared towards developing your skills. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an accomplished designer, this event will help you move to the next level. The Board Game Jam is a great place to meet other designers, play testers and great people involved with the hobby.

Our schedule can be summarized as: "Three Days of Creating Games".

How does it work

  1. Find a team! You can create a team beforehand, gather your team or join an existing team at the start of the jam. It is advised to have a team of around 4 members.
  2. Theme reveal. The jam will start with the revealing of the theme, the theme determines what your board game should be about. The theme serves as a guidance for your ideas and prevents participants to work out their ideas before the event.
  3. Start brainstorming. Come up with ideas, write them down, elaborate, collaborate.
  4. Work out your idea. Put it down on paper or in a digital document, work out the rules and details, start making the basic components of your game.
  5. Playtest your game. Start playing as soon as possible, only then will you know if your game works and if it is fun.
  6. Keep on improving. No game is perfect in the first run, improve, iterate, change the rules, add and drop rules. Make sure your gameplay is as smooth as possible.

Practical information

BGJ2022 will be held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands this year!

We would love to see everybody on site again and enjoy building and playing together. This year we will have no online event, only the real deal.

Date and time

The Board Game Jam will be held on 14, 15, and 16 October. The jam opens on Friday at 17:00. Kick-off and theme reveal is at 18:00 and it all ends Sunday around 16:00. Every day we will close the location around 23:00 and the next morning we start again at 9:00.

Location: Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden(NL)

The jam will be held in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden (Blokhuisplein 40, 8911 LJ, The Netherlands).


If you want to join the jam, you can buy a ticket on eventbrite for €35.-. Included in the ticket is dinner on Friday and Saturday, brunch on Saturday and Sunday and coffee, tea and drinks throughout the weekend.


You can join as a team or you can find a team on the spot. We do ask premade teams to be open for participants who don't have a team. We don't want to leave anyone behind.

Tools, materials and printing

We will offer some basic board game prototyping materials and a printer on site. Everything you make during the jam, you can bring home. We do have a fair use policy so that everybody can get what they need. If you want a bigger selection of tools and materials, you can order game parts online on for example.



Event Location

Blokhuisplein 40, 8911 LJ, Leeuwarden The Netherlands

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